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It's time to play!

Here you can find tips and tricks on how to build your own sustainable tropical house!

Unbox the fun!

House 4 House Tropical Set comes in a handy toolbox, full of fun elements!
20211119_Website diagramsa-02_edited_edited.jpg
Plants x1

Get ready to build!

Take a closer look at all the pieces - you'll see they all fit together and are made of nice, natural materials!
Stilts x8
Walls x8
Railings x2
Roof sheets x3
Floors x4
Ladders x2
Roof trusses x3
Windows x7
Eyelets & Hooks x3
ed IMG_8975 crop 03_edited.jpg

Meet the characters!

Make friends with the tropical crew! Assemble them according to your imagination :)
the Warthog
the Monkey
the Human
the Giraffe
the Tucan

Create your own
tropical world!

How to slot the pieces together?

20211119_Website diagrams_axo 4-02.jpg
The Market

What can you add to your House 4 House set to make it your own?

The Hut
The Farm
The Small
The Town
The Bridge

A House 4 House piece has a slot in each corner. So if you want to put two pieces together, you just have to put a slot from one piece into another slot from the second piece!

How about taking a couple of small sticks and a string to make your own ladder? 

Maybe you can make a pebble path from stones leading into your own House 4 House garden?

Do you have some leaves in the garden which you can use as trees in your house?

With the House 4 House set you can get as creative as you want! Bring it to the garden or invite friends over and make your own special House 4 House. 

Do you have any old pieces of fabric which you can make into hammocks hanging in your house?

The pieces in a House 4 House set can be rearranged as many ways as you want! Do you like bridges? Or maybe towers? Have a look at some buildings we have constructed with House 4 House pieces at our studio, get inspired and build your own!

The Tower

Have fun with House 4 House
at home!

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