Who do we support together?

House 4 House is supporting Kiva by donating a third of the profit to home construction projects for people in need of financial support. 

Kiva is a global nonprofit organization that expands financial access to help underserved communities thrive through the power of loans. Kiva has a unique model where people can lend as little as $25 to individuals who are seeking a loan for a variety of projects. Borrowers repay the loan and the money can then be re-invested to help others! 

Have a look at the projects we support together!

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Paskaziya's rental room renovations

Paskaziya is a single mother of five children. She has long been separated from her husband and supports her kids alone. She is also a businesswoman who sells tea in the morning and evening hours, and runs rental units to collect more income to keep her children in school. She is seeking a loan to renovate her rentals. This will attract more tenants, hence earning more rental income.

Here you can read more about the project.

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Toilet for Nhân's family

Nhân is a shrimp shop owner in Hoang Hoa district in Vietnam.

One of the most critical difficulties that concerns Nhân is that the family latrine is not hygienic. She is requesting a loan to purchase sand, cement, bricks, and equipment to build a hygienic toilet, which will improve her family's living conditions, as well as protect the environment.

Here you can read more about the project.


Connection to aqueduct for Angela

Angela is 49 years old, married, and lives in the village. They worked with her husband in Russia for 10 years at a factory for the production of car parts, so they managed to buy a house in the village. Angela would like to connect her house to the aqueduct which will allow the family to have better hygienic conditions.

Here you can read more about the project.

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